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Black Lives Matter

We are sickened at the continued murder of black people in this country, including at the hands of law enforcement. We are disgusted that a system that excuses and perpetuates this violence exists at all, particularly in America. The loss of George Floyd and too many others is a tragedy. Black lives matter.

Here is a peek at what has happened and what's new in the world of harm reduction. Thank you to the many journalists who have spilled ink, lost sleep, and taken risks to help our movement gain momentum and reverse the toxic effects of stigma.

A NOTE ON NAMES - For over 30 years, we've been privileged to play a key role in the harm-reduction movement. As you read and watch, you will notice that our organization went by the name Point Defiance AIDS Projects for the first 3 decades of our existence. As of September of 2018, we have officially adopted a new name — The Dave Purchase Project — to honor our founder's spirit and acknowledge the evolution of our mission away from a single-issue focus on AIDS prevention to a broader focus on reducing the harm of drug use in its many forms on users and society.



Don't like to read? We won't tell. Keep up on the Dave Purchase Project and other harm-reduction happenings here — no reading required.

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Drugs and AIDS An Appeal to Users, 1988

Please note this video is for historical purposes and does not contain current best practices i.e. bleaching and reusing works. Please contact a staff member if you have any questions.

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